About TSLC
TSLC is on a mission to drive financial inclusion through our credit-led AI/ML-powered platform and partner ecosystem in emerging and frontier markets.

TSLC is committed to facilitating and empowering the financial freedom of the underbanked by enabling honest and affordable credit through our disruptive origination, lending, and distribution platform.

Our platform democratizes access to credit by enabling faster and better credit decisions, as well as easier customer onboarding in a transparent, responsible, and trustworthy manner.

Location: World Wide
Solutions: Branding - Art Direction

Brand intro
Every Brand has a lot of components that help us make the Brand image in people’s minds to build this unique image we should use this component and its look and feel to create the right impact 

The 6 components: Logo, Typography, Colors, imagery, Design Language, and Graphic Elements of any Brand identity System and their connections create the system that builds the brand image. Variables create a dynamic system, keeping a certain constant to maintain recognition.

TSLC brand character

TSLC brand Look & Feel

Behind the brand
Target audience expectations

TSLC target audience expects to have powerful solutions that solve their problems and give them the power they need to have a unique solution through different products like:

Personal Loans
Installment / Virtual Credit Card
Bespoke Insurance Policies
Payments & Transfers
Buy Now Pay Later

To offer these services in efficient way we need the brand to reflect some attributes and core values that give out brand a personal connection with the viewer

Brand attributes and core values

TSLC Brand needs to have an engaging relationship with the customers and investors to have the trust they need to enhance the brand services.

Trust is the key value of every relationship that’s why we reflected the feeling of trust in the look and feel of the brand.

With the powerful solutions that TSLC has, we are forming a new era of credit solutions.

With fast and easy methods and solutions, TSLC achieves the efficiency of it's products.

Applying the Brand attributes and core values

We have build the TSLC icon based on letter c and credit to create a unique icon that reflect the power of our brand

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