Dimensions Dental Lab
Dimensions Dental Lab is a team of science-driven dentists and dental technicians who provide high-quality, professional digital dental services. The goal of this branding project is to create a brand identity that accurately represents the lab’s commitment to innovation, precision, and quality.

To begin, a comprehensive analysis of the then-current branding and messaging of Dimensions Dental Lab was conducted. Their website, social media presence, and any other existing marketing materials were reviewed to identify areas for improvement and opportunities for growth. Based on the analysis, a brand strategy was developed that aligned with the lab’s goals and values. This included developing a brand message, tone of voice, and visual identity that accurately reflected the quality of their work and the expertise of their team.

As part of the branding project for Dimensions Dental Lab, a custom wordmark was designed to give the brand a fresh and modern look. The new design reflects the lab's new brand strategy and goals, which emphasize innovation, precision, and quality.
The wordmark was developed through a collaborative process between the branding team and Dimensions Dental Lab, taking into account the lab's values and objectives. The resulting design features a sleek and modern font that is easy to read and conveys a sense of expertise and professionalism.
The visual identity development included designing a new logo that incorporated elements representing the science-driven nature of the lab’s work. A color palette and typography were also created that were consistent across all marketing materials.

Once the brand strategy and visual identity had been established, the new brand was implemented across all marketing channels, including the website, social media, and any print or promotional materials. A brand style guide was also developed to serve as a reference for future branding initiatives.
Overall, the goal of this project was to create a strong brand identity for Dimensions Dental Lab that accurately represented their commitment to quality, innovation, and precision in the field of digital dental services.

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